Special Rates

To lower the barrier to counselling and coaching services for those who do not have coverage, those seeking out affordable counselling services, I'm offering my services at a reduced rate for the remainder of 2020.

Services can be offered by phone, online, FaceTime, or in-person by request (or a combination) to accommodate schedules and needs.

$60 per houR

General Counselling, Life Coaching, Career/Workplace, Anxiety, Depression, Transition & Change, Grief & Loss, Family Issues (Mother/Daughter), Self-Esteem, Christian Life Coaching, Spiritual Counselling, Discipleship, Mentorship

We are facing unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every single one of us in one way or another, and most likely in multiple ways.

For some, it's a loss of work, for others it's the loss of life (financial security, routine, health, workplaces) as we knew it. Some are watching their businesses suffer and shutter, while others are watching loved ones suffer -- even die. Many have had to adjust to working from home, with children home, and home life has become challenging -- even more than it was before. Many are experiencing extreme social isolation, and physical and emotional disconnection from our normal support systems.

Our way of life as we knew it has changed. Some are suffering from grief, loss, anxiety, and depression, some are pivoting to keep up with the present, and plan for the future. The fact is that we are all adjusting, readjusting, taking in information, processing information, and manoeuvring as best as we can.

We also recognize that there were many pre-existing issues in homes, workplaces, relationships, hearts, and minds, that this world pandemic has only added to with respect to the complexity of the hardship and stressors.

In an effort to create as low a barrier as possible for those needing help, while acknowledging the value of the services I provide, I have created a simple pricing structure across the board for my services that will remain in effect through December 2020.

Although these are deep discounts, clients will receive the same care, confidentiality, professionalism, and level of service that my clients have come to know.

Taking online and by phone bookings now!

E-mail Melanie Hart directly melaniejoyhart@icloud.com or text 250-804-6922 to book an appointment. Payments can be made via e-transfer at the time of the confirmation of booking. Thank you.

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