Why Phone Sessions?

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

I'm glad you asked! For individual coaching and counselling, I believe in lowering the barriers as much as possible so those with mental health issues (such as anxiety or depression), or are experiencing loss, for those working remotely or out of country, or anyone experiencing life issues can access timely support.

Just about everyone has access to a phone. This is for the client's convenience and is time-efficient and cost-effective. Not having to drive to appointment saves time, gas, and money. There is no need to find parking (or pay for parking). Creating access to counselling is important to me, especially for clients who are struggling mentally, physically, and emotionally, and/or who have a disability, social phobias, anxiety, depression, and under duress.

Using the phone lowers barriers and increases access for people who need support. This way I can offer support to:

  • those who work remotely

  • shift-workers

  • an employee with a limited lunch-time

  • a business executive who is travelling

  • those who want "after hours” sessions (evenings or weekends)

  • increases access for those with disabilities or their caregivers

  • to clients where geographical barriers might prohibit access to counselling support

  • clients who live in a small town and seek a "non-local" for support and confidentiality

I do want to express that ideally I would prefer to meet you face to face but in order to serve more clients, where they are at, I believe this to be practical and most helpful. I look forward to your call.

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