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Rates & First Steps
$100 per houR / $125 COUPLE

To lower the barrier to counselling and coaching services (especially for those who do not have coverage and those seeking someone who counsels from a biblical worldview), I offer these services at a reduced rate, and use Zoom for ease of meeting. Some of my local clients do meet with me in person which is always optimal for counselling but not always possible, logistically and geographically.

Our first session is one hour to go over some basic housekeeping issues (like consent, confidentiality, to gather basic info), establish a fit, to get to know you and what brought you to counselling, explain my process and outline expectations, answer questions you may have, and to begin to address presenting issues to develop a plan for next steps.

HOW: Sessions are conducted via Zoom

WHEN: Day/evening sessions available Tuesdays-Thursdays.

Counselling Commitment

Remember that counselling is a process and requires time to establish the counsellor/counsellee relationship, gather relevant history, and build on a connection that will lend itself to progress, including the meeting of counselling goals, and time and space to apply new insights, and work through the issues that brings you to the counselling space.

Be committed. Be on time. Be teachable. Let's do this!

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Once you've set an appointment, please extend a minimum of 24 hours' notice for cancellations and/or rescheduling of your missed appointment.

Without 24 hours' (or more) notice, you will be charged for the missed appointment.


Unexpected circumstances and life events may happen, and I do give much grace, accommodate my clients' schedules, and make changes to the best of my ability, but please understand this is my livelihood and missed appointments is missed income.


Sessions are invoiced on the day of service. For Canadian clients e-transfer is preferred but PayPal is available as an option, and for my US clients. Payment is expected on the day of service.


Client Testimonial (Singleness, Relationship, Spiritual Growth)
Vancouver, BC

"I was going through a difficult time in my life and although I was hesitant to go to a counsellor and I needed to go to a counsellor. My family and doctor wanted me to see someone as I was going through a difficult time and it was evident to all. I was hesitant to go for counseling because I felt that God was my counsellor and I didn’t want counselling that was going to be “me “ centred but wanted it to be God focussed and very biblical.


I had gotten a referral for a Christian counsellor but wasn’t sure how biblical it was going to be. I mentioned to a church friend that I was going to see a counsellor. She recommended Melanie. She told me she was very biblical and like-minded in her approach to scripture.


When I spoke to Melanie I found that indeed her counselling was very biblical and we were on the same page theologically.  I was able to feel comfortable opening up and trusting her, making the counselling experience more comfortable. 


Melanie would continually direct me to the Lord and showed me in practical ways how I could bring all things to Him. She helped me to be accountable for anything in my life that I needed to give to the Lord, showed me how to let go of idols in my life, and trust my life to God more and more. She gave me scripture verses that I could meditate on so I could be more biblically- minded on various issues. 


I appreciated that her aim in counselling was not to be more dependent on her but more dependent on the Lord. She helped me to transition away from counselling so my dependence would not be counselling but the Lord.


Final thought:

Counselling doesn’t fix you. In this life we will continue to struggle. Good biblical counselling gives you tools to continue bringing all things to God, draw you closer to Him, how to be obedient to Him, and search your heart if there is any offensive way, repent and continue. One day when we are with Him, there will be no more struggle with sin or the effects of sin done to us.

Thank you, Melanie I am better for having known you. You walked with me during a difficult time. You helped carry my burdens."


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