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Keynote Speaker & Musical Artist


Do you need a keynote speaker who skips the 'fluff' or 'spiritual-lite Ted Talks' and keenly teaches women the Word of God, the Counsel of God, and the Attributes of God, with a overarching passion for the Gospel?

As a biblical counsellor, Melanie's full-time focus, beyond the counselling room, is to Know God. As such, her focus of study is in the Word, theology, and the doctrines of God, with the helps of systematic theology and her favourite modern-day expositors, as well as spiritual forefathers such as CH Spurgeon, Martin Lloyd-Jones, AW Pink, AW Tozer, and JI Packer.

Melanie continues to particularly pursue the topic of The Attributes of God to help women to know God, point them to the Gospel, and help them mature in their faith.


Worship Leader & Concerts & Women's Events
Melanie presented and performed in Canada, the United States, and abroad as a singer/songwriter, worship leader, and keynote speaker, Canada's National Day of Prayer (2007) and prison/homeless shelter ministry.

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