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The Coaching Packages
The Process & Details Up Front

Career Booster / Promotion Package

This is for those who are either unhappy in their current profession and want to explore solutions for a career change, or for those who feel “stuck” in their current role or position and want to explore a promotion or new role within their current career. Using solution-building dialogue, explore the possibilities and lay out some goals that will help get you to where you want to be instead.

Change Maker

Change Maker Package. This is for you if you have a specific behaviour or habit that you want to change or improve upon through a solution-building dialogue, using your strengths, goal-setting, and accountability to accomplish change.

Coach's Corner Package

Coach's Corner Package. Do you have some major decisions to make? Do you have something that feels like your Everest before you and you need someone in your corner as you tackle this challenge? This package is for you. Let’s customize a package, based on your challenge, for weekly or bi-weekly sessions to help you establish your course, keep you on track, climb your Everest and stake your place at the top. You don’t have to do this alone.

Empty Nester

Empty-Nester. This is for individuals who have just sent their last child off to college and are asking questions such as “what now?” and “where do I fit into this world in my new life stage?” Through a solution-building dialogue, explorations of your dreams, desires, and strengths, you will set goals for a fulfilling, purposeful future.
 Let's make this an adventure!

Dating Life Support

Dating Support. A lot has changed since you last went on a date. It might be 3 years - it might be 33! Everyone is now online and there are so many choices to make regarding dating platforms, filling out profiles, and posting pictures. What are men/women looking for? What are you looking for? Dating is an opportunity for personal growth, it is a journey in self-discovery, and is an opportunity for learning new skills in communication and relationships. This package can help walk you through the steps, from the creation of an effective online profile, to setting boundaries, to check-ins after your first few dates.

3 Month Pkg. 6 - 1 Hour Sessions (Bi-Monthly) OR 12 - 30 Min. Sessions (Weekly)

Life Transition Support

Life Transition. This is for individuals experiencing any kind of life transition and want to manoeuvre through this with someone in your corner. With invested-style coaching and using a solution-building dialogue, find creativity, hope, and solutions for transitioning well and building a better future.

Suddenly Single

Suddenly Single. You have found yourself single (perhaps again) and might be feeling overwhelmed, lonely, and fearful about what your future holds. Whether you have just experienced a break-up, a separation, or are newly divorced, you might be asking yourself, “Where do I go from here?” This package focusses on staying single for a brief season of self-discovery, empowerment, and development of new skills and strategies that will help you go into your future with hope and confidence. We can journey together and build solutions that work for you - whether you choose to remain alone or venture into a new relationship.

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Here is everything you need to know about the coaching packages up front. And, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me or request a custom package that works for you.


Do you need, want or like structure, accountability, and like the idea of a coaching by package? Having a trusted professional to help you through a life transition or challenge, a career transition or relationship change can be a great investment in yourself, your "here and now", as well as your future. Sometimes we simply need someone in our corner, for a season, to help us transition well.

I've designed these 3 month themed packages with you in mind.

How it works:

Each package comes with your choice of 6, 1-hour phone sessions bi-monthly, OR 12, 30-minute phone sessions, over a three-month period.


A commitment to this 3 Month Package is required at the outset because when you make an investment, you will find you stay accountable to the process.


3 payments will go as follows:

1. $200 +GST up front (before first session)
2. $200 + GST at the beginning of month 2
3. $200 + GST at the beginning of month 3

The total investment is $600 +GST.


If you pay all up front, you will get a 10% discount, making your total $540 + GST.

~~These packages are valued at more than 25% discount when compared to booking the same amount of time by individual session. I do this because I believe in the process of the commitment, in the investment you are making in yourself when you take this step, and in the results.

And, before we even get started, I offer a 20-minute FREE consultation just to make sure we're a good fit for each other before moving forward!

These packages are designed to keep you making progress toward the goals you set and forward momentum for measurable results.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In your corner,


ProfileXT Assessment & Executive Session

This assessment tool is a game-changer.


How it works. You take the assessment on-line, then we have a 2 Hour "Executive Session" together.

Imagine the power of knowing your professional DNA? Imagine the power of being able to see "the rest of the story." Imagine the possibilities for self-awareness, professional development, career planning, or team building. This assessment is for:


  • For those who want an edge in applying for a job.

  • For those who want data on strengths and leadership approach for portfolio building that you can confidently use on your CV, online profile, and in a job interview.

  • For those wanting to hire well.

  • For those wanting to promote well.

  • For succession planning.

  • For those wanting to understand their (business) partner or employee dynamics.

  • For teams that need a team-building tool to identify strengths and gaps for coaching and development insights and opportunities.

Click here for more information & to book your session.

ProfileXT Assessment
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