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Reframing Negative Messages:
A Workbook For Healing From Word-Wounds

This is a self-help resource for individuals as well as an effective tool for counsellors, coaches, clergy, and other professionals helping others who've experienced verbal abuse or negative messaging. This can be helpful in addressing past wounding or as a life-line for those in the midst of it.


Permission to use, copy, or distibute is requested on an honour system. Please do not distribute (or forward PDF electronically) without permission. See options to purchase below.


Pre-Ordering Details

ORDER WORKBOOK via e-transfer or PayPal payment. Suggested prices below. If you or your organization can afford more, additional funds are appreciated as I develop this and other resources to be more widely available.

Available to purchase as a Download (PDF) or Colour Printed (Soft-Coil) Workbook:


  1. Individual Use PDF Download (permission to print copy for your own use) - $15

  2. Workbook (Printed, Colour, Coil Bound) & Mailed - $35
    Note: Printing is $15 & Envelop/Postage adds $5-8. I would like to make $15 per copy.


  3. Multi-Use PDF for Professionals - Counsellors, Organizations, Churches (with permission to print copies for client use) - Min. of $25 - additional donations appreciated.

    An invoice and/or receipt can be supplied upon request.


Simply e-mail me with your name and request for a copy (option 1, 2 or 3). Include your mailing address if you are ordering a printed copy (or copies).

Payments can be made via e-transfer or PayPal payment to


A Message From Melanie


This 20-page guide is for anyone who has experienced wounding due to verbal abuse or negative messages in past or current relationships.


This workbook provides 7 Steps that can be worked through individually, or with the help of a trusted friend or professional, to guide you through the process of healing from your word-wounds.


It would not be my intention to over-simplify the complexities of verbal abuse and imply that by simply working through these pages you will automatically heal from deep wounds. However, I hope that this would prove to be a practical tool in your healing.


Stitching up wounds is not usually a self-performed task. Most operations require the expertise of a team of professionals and caregivers, followed by nurturing support from friends and family during the healing process. I hope you reach out for help if you need it.

My prayer is that you gain insight from this workbook that will build you up and encourage you in your journey of wholeness and wellness.


Because every one counts,



Melanie Hart,

Counsellor, Coach

Specializing in Singles' Wellness

Melanie Signature

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