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The Amazing Starfish aka Sea Star

Dear Sojourner

The Starfish or Sea Star is a highly unique, intricate, and amazing creature found in salt water and in many shapes, sizes, and colours. More than 2,000 species worldwide live in environments from tropical habitats to great depths of the seafloor.

Sea Stars are survivors and are capable of regeneration. Beyond their typical symmetrical ‘star’ shape with five arms, some species have ten, twenty, even forty arms (called Sun Stars). To survive a predator, they will shed a limb or even a large portion of their body, yet have an incredible capacity to regenerate limbs, and sometimes, entire bodies.

Starfish or sea stars, their characteristics, and the myriad of life metaphors and applications have resulted in the subject of stories, legends, poems, and parables. From the famous 1972 essay, The Star Thrower, reflecting on the interconnectedness of humanity and the universe, to the Australian Aborigine folklore, to the famous, though oft altered, story of the person on the beach taking the time to return the beached starfish to the sea, humanity has taken notice of this incredible creature.

I chose the starfish as a theme for my coaching and counselling practice because these principles best align with my passion, purpose, and biblical worldview - a world where Every One Counts. I believe individuals from all walks of life, cultures, and climates, are uniquely and wonderfully made by a Sovereign, Eternal, Creator God, and that they are precious image bearers with a clear purpose. I also believe in the capacity for people to survive, even regenerate, when life wounds us because of God's redemptive and restorative work, through His divine power that has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness (1 Peter 1:3).

I believe I have been called by my Redeemer to love God and love others. That is lived out through discipleship of others with the counsel of God. I want to live my life like the person on the beach who notices those in need and desires to throw the starfish back into the water because it can make a difference - even for just one.

To God, you matter. In God's economy, you count. I want you to know there is great promise in His Word to you. I believe people deserve to have someone in their corner to walk with through life's challenges, losses, and transitions. So reach out, with whatever limb you have left to reach out with, I’d like to help. Hope and a new life in Christ await.

In your corner,

Melanie Hart
Certified Executive Coach & Biblical Counsellor

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