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About Melanie

Melanie Hart's resides in Victoria, BC. Her person-centred and solution-focussed coaching and counselling approach is firmly rooted in her faith in Jesus, resulting in a pastoral counselling style that resonates with her clients of all backgrounds. Above all, Melanie believes in the intrinsic value of every person and lives that core belief system out in both her personal and professional life.

Melanie is a fur baby mamma and is currently raising a lovely baby Labrador Retriever named Rosie to be a therapy dog. Melanie's daughter has completed her first year at Capilano University in Motion Picture Arts and is currently building her film reel in Panama. She's a proud mom and enjoys cheerleading her daughter in her videography business and film career.





Melanie's unique life and career experiences have included: a career on Parliament Hill, an overseas adventure that resulted in a tour as a recorded singer/songwriter and keynote speaker, and numerous consulting, marketing and entrepreneurial contracts. In recent years, she has used her experiences to serve others as an Executive Coach. Clients include leaders and teams, Executive Directors, small business owners, non-profit and for-profit businesses, organizations, and elected officials.

Melanie has completed her Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling (Specializing in Counselling). She is a Certified Executive Coach with extensive experience as a trusted advisor to elected officials, leaders, and business owners.


The expansion of her coaching business to include counselling represents a culmination of a lifetime of experience, expertise, and genuine desire to champion for people seeking help in life transition, growth, and leadership. Melanie is a life-long learner and committed to continued education, including theoretical approaches and techniques to help others transition, lead, and thrive.



Who has Melanie worked with?
  • Individuals from all walks of life

  • Church Leaders, Clergy, Inter-Faith Organizations

  • Community Leaders

  • Elected Officials - Mayors & Members of Parliament

  • Employees & Teams

  • Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

  • Executive Directors of Non-Profits

  • Executives & Professionals

  • Ex-Pat Community

  • Multicultural Groups & Settings (Lived, Worked, Projects)

  • (Retired) RCMP Member (Winning Case: Class Action Lawsuit)

  • RCMP Member (Winning Case: Class Action Lawsuit)


What else has Melanie done?
  • Advocacy Work for 2 female RCMP members filing of class action law suit

  • Business Coaching through transition, staff changes, and strategic growth support

  • Campaign Manager for a candidate in national election

  • Employee Coaching for increased sales (Ford Canada)

  • Employee Coaching for transitioning into a new role/promotion

  • Keynote Speaking, Women's Conferences & Retreats

  • Mediation between provincial & local government

  • Psycho-educational workshops & Soft Skills training including Self-Care, Handling Overwhelm & Leadership Training topics

  • Start-up Coaching for Entrepreneurs


What courses has she taken?
  • Executive Coaching

  • Abuse and Domestic Violence

  • Addictions and Recovery

  • Application of Personality Theories

  • Applied Counselling Skills I

  • Applied Counselling Skills II

  • Applied Counselling Skills III

  • Assessment of Psychological Disorders

  • Collaborate Youth and Family Counselling

  • Conflict, Suicide and Emergency Interventions

  • Group Dynamics and Workshop Design

  • Introduction to Applied Psychology and Ethics

  • Introduction to Couples Counselling

  • Milestones in Psychosocial Development

  • Psychology of Grief

  • Solution Focussed Counselling

  • Treatment for Depression and Anxiety


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