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I would highly recommend Melanie Hart. After visiting a number of counsellors in Victoria I found Melanie the most helpful and intuitive professional! She had a wonderful perspective on my particular problem and guided me through it in a caring and most understanding way!

M.D. | Victoria, BC - May 2019

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"Melanie is a dedicated professional, a good listener and mentor. Melanie helped me at a time I felt hopeless and I thought my marriage was over. I was angry, depressed, suicidal, and self-harming. English is a second language for me and that added to the challenges for me in communicating my feelings to others. In our sessions together I learned to understand my feelings and gradually felt stronger and more confident in communicating them to others. With her help, I was able to overcome a difficult situation, learn new skills, and look forward to my future as a stronger, healthier person."

 B.F. | Victoria, BC - Winter 2019


(Hand-written note from client) Dear Melanie,

Thank you for your kind and understanding nature. You are a brave woman who, through your own battles, helps others in a thoughtful and compassionate way. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you in understanding my own demons. It will take a long time to heal from these emotional wounds but if it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't have recognized exactly how I was feeling. You were able to help me put my emotions into words. If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't have completed the claim. Thank you for your gentle push and words of encouragement. Anybody who works with you should consider you a blessing.

Eternally grateful,

Advocacy / Coaching, Class Action Lawsuit

RCMP Member

"Melanie exudes kindness in every facet of the word.  She has the ability to relate to people on a personal level while maintaining the utmost professionalism.  It is rare to find all of these qualities in one individual and I am proud to call Melanie both a colleague and a friend."

Volunteer, Mental Health Drop-In Centre

Kyle Bogle, Wellness Coach

As a former high-ranking police officer with years of experience under my belt, there was very little I thought that I couldn’t handle or face. At times I was fearless until I had to face opening up some old wounds to follow through in preparing a class action lawsuit against my former employer.  I was feeling overwhelmed and helpless and could not move forward without having very high anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. I knew that if I didn’t complete it, it would be very difficult to accept.

Then Melanie came along. She supported me through the whole ordeal, giving me sound advice, support, and guidance which gave me the support and strength I needed to persevere and complete my claim.

As I look back I can say that Melanie truly was a God-send. I would have paid a lawyer over 3x her rate and not have received half the amount of support and dedication in helping me succeed. This is evidenced in stories I've read of others who used lawyers or didn't have any help at all. They were left invalidated, and re-wounded by the process.

I have since utilized Melanie’s services both in person and by phone for myself and a family member and I highly recommend her expertise. I have reconnected with my strengths and abilities, and am healthier and happier because of it.

Advocacy, Class Action Lawsuit, Retired RCMP Officer

Jan L., Retired Sergeant, RCMP

"As a twenty-something alumni I found myself in the same position as many others my age - struggling to find a career path and a job that I feel excited about every day.  Melanie helped guide my interests to shape a career path that is suited to my own personal goals and ambitions.  Her enthusiasm, positivity and expert knowledge of career coaching helped me set a foundation to launch my career goals and really set things in motion. Melanie's passion for her own career is inspiring and helps others like myself believe that people really can love their jobs!"

Career Coaching & Quarter-Life Crisis

Kerry M., Alumni & Banking Professional

Melanie is a highly appreciated volunteer at CMHA. She has a variety of different skills and resources that come in handy. Melanie has an amazing spirit and is always open and accepting. Melanie helps out in every way she can, as she has no fear to take on new tasks and challenges. CMHA has benefited from everything that Melanie has brought to the centre and we always look forward to the days she is here.

Volunteer / Mental Health Drop-In Centre

Kyra MacPherson, Wellness Coach

"In a business where people are our most valuable asset, it makes sense to invest in them to ensure they reach their peak performance at work, which provides happiness in their personal and professional lives. Melanie is the catalyst to help bring out the best in anyone. Her work with one of our staff in particular brought about the positive changes needed to increase his sales exponentially. Our only regret is that we didn’t take advantage of the services she provides much sooner. We plan on expanding her role in our dealership and would recommend her to anyone."

Sales Coaching

Dealer/Partner, Ford Dealership

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